Mantra and Shloka is a formulation of words and syllables that are endowed with divine powers that have a deep effect. The sages of ancient India who gave us these mantras and hymns were pure and enlightened beings who had experienced divine wisdom directly in their hearts.

Aum, the first mantra in Indian mysticism is symbolized not only as Brahman in the Vedas but the entire existence in all its parts, Bhur-loka, Bhuvar and Swar.

Chanting of these pure sounds has healing powers. It replenishes the univers, creats harmony and goodwill. These are energy based sounds oriniating from the Divine, the pure consciousness. Chanting of these mantras creates a vibration in us that takes our awareness inward to a place where we start connecting with the Divine’s power within us.

Each God in Hinduism represents a specific aspect of Divinity. For example Lord Shiva destroys all evil and unwanted elements. Lord Krishna establishes all delight everywhere. Mother Durga helps to manifest the good and the right. Lord Ganesha removes all obstacles.