Through this infinite learning, listening and searching our own, profound and true sound… we reach a state of meditation, a deep and spiritual dimension…  what a gift !

Discovering our own “Natural Sound”

The natural sound is within each one of us. It is up to us to discover it again… 

This is the guidance I try to give my students: the Search. I hope to you help you look within to find your very own voice.

We will do it mainly with the OM, the primordial sound in the Univers, to discover, to find again our own Universe. The root to create the sound, the origin…

We will learn to develop the tonal quality and precision of your own natural voice.

Our different backgrounds, our varied cultures and surroundings have determined the sounds we have been exposed to, and have been conditioning our way of hearing since our birth.

While I am from India and have been exposed to music using this “natural voice”, those having their roots in Western music need time to get back in touch with their “natural voice”. I will help you to find this again.

Indian music is based on a melodic approach, compared to a harmonic approach in Europe. While flowing through a melody, in Indian music, the way notes are linked to one to  another is a crucial point. 

I will demonstrate to you how to use microtones, how to link notes, the rounding points, and the different attacks of the notes. I will teach how to hold notes as steadily as possible, looking for long and stable sounds.

Through the exercises, the sound, the technique, the breath, the tuning, the rythm, the timing, the mood and the musical sensitivity are trained together, as a whole.

Only after having developed the sounds, having felt them, I will teach more about the structure of Indian music and its grammatical organization and enter in the infinite beauty of the traditional ragas.

Finding our own sound is meeting ourself !